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Five Controversial Decor Items (And Why You May Want Them)

20 Jun

Five Controversial Decor Items (And Why You May Want Them)

I found this article on RealSimple and had to repost…

People can be judgy, but don’t let the haters keep you from having what you really want in your home. Here are five infamous items and why you might just want them after all.

1. Wall-to-wall carpet— Carpet may have been on the design outs the past decade or so but it seems to be poised for a bit of a comeback, and more importantly, how much do you think you’ll enjoy those concrete floors during a middle-of-the-night bathroom run in January? Hardwood is hot, but let’s face it, carpet is comfortable.  It’s warm, absorbs sound and even insulates your room.

2. Cowhide rugs— On the outrage spectrum, from full-on fur to a leather boot, a cowhide seems to fall somewhere in the middle for most people, yet is understandably a no-go for some.  My (vegetarian by the way) two-cents take is this: it’s graphic, it’s organic and it’s low-profile. If you aren’t anti-hide, it can be a durable choice – so, if you like it, go for it.

3. Fake plants— For those of us (I’m guilty) who will never keep a houseplant alive for more than a week, fake plants may be the only way we’ll ever get the color and texture of plants into our space. Fakes have come a long way, but use them sparingly and remember, dusty leaves are not your friends.

4. Painted wood— Want your bureau a different color? You can — it belongs to you!  Don’t let fear of the wood-purists keep you from realizing your DIY vision.  Just remember that it’s usually a one-way street. Form a clear plan before taking the plunge because, without miles of sandpaper, there’s no turning back.

5. Reproductions of famous works of art— There’s no rule that says you can only decorate with original art.  If you love Monet (and that pesky museum isstill rejecting your loan request), there’s no reason you have to live without his water lilies in your life. While posters can feel a little dorm-room-depressing, done right, a framed poster or reproduction can look great and remind you of the art you love so much.  Just nix the sticky tack, okay?

What do you think? Which eschewed items do you still love?

(Image: Bethany Nauert / Traci’s Incredible South Pasadena Home)


How to Set the Perfect Table!

10 May

I’ve always struggled with remembering which side the fork, knife and spoon go on when setting a table. On top of remembering that, which side does the napkin go on AND what about the wine and water glass? I’m not saying I’m one of those people who stresses myself over this kind of stuff, but at the same time, there are occasions where it just might matter… So, I found this cool little chart and a ‘saying’ to live by so that remembering is no longer a problem!


To follow up, I thought it might be nice to share this diagram. What to do with it all once it’s set (in case you’re like me and always need a refresher)!

Top 5 Holiday Wreaths

17 Dec

Ahhh Wreaths…

M&J Blog

There are so many ways to decorate your home for the holidays and creating a wreath is probably one of the most classic and simple ways to make your home festive.  Out top 5 DIY wreaths contains ones that are simple and sweet!

DIY Simple Ribbon Wreath by Clumsy Crafty Happy


DIY Ornament Wreath by Matt and Becky

2 diy christmas wreath

DIY Candy Cane Wreath by BHG

3 DIY Candy Cane Wreath

DIY Bow Wreath by Chic Steals

4 DIY gift bow christmas wreath

DIY Yarn Ball Wreath by Country Living

5 DIY yarn christmas wreath

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Fall Entertaining

1 Nov

The best time of year is fall. The beauty of this season warms my heart and my home each year. I look SO forward to the day afer Labor day when I can finally tell myself that it’s “ok” to bring out my autumn decor. I had Jeff’s family over the other night for dinner and I had to do a bit of thinking as to how I would set my table. I ran into some beautiful ideas…Although mine never looks this good, I try.

My new favorite thing is using  real pieces of nature on my table. Like a leaf, an acorn or a gourd… I know, gourds can be so ugly, but some of them can be simply divine.  It’s all about what you do with them and how you arrange them. My favorites are the ones that have the warts and bumps on them- it makes them so unique. Life can’t always be about pretty things.

Candles always set the mood, no matter what your table looks like. I also love the idea of glass votive’s  filled with goodies. It adds such a special touch.

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