Cherished Memories

13 Dec

This is a special post because I’ve been wanting to share some of my favorite childhood ornaments with you. Every single year, since I was a baby, my mom gave me a special ornament at Christmas. Each one had a specific meaning and would usually symbolize something important that had happened to me that year. I got a piano for the year I started piano lessons, a rocking horse the year my grandpa built me a rocking horse, etc… My grandmother would also give me an ornament each year. The ornaments she would give me were handmade from her dear friend. I just love each and every one of  them because you can really see the time spent in making them. I did not realize how important and special these ornaments would be to me as a grown woman. The first year  that I had a tree of my own, my mom sent me  the box full of the ornaments I had collect all these years. What a wonderful surprise. I had a tree full of ornaments and each one reminded me of a special time in my life. No matter where I am in the world at Christmas, I’ll always be home when I look at my Christmas tree. Luckily, I continue to add to my collection because even though I’m not a kid anymore, they still send me a new ornament each year. I hope they never stop sending them. Thanks mom and gram!


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