My Home at Christmas

10 Dec

Jeff and I moved to Waltham, MA back in October and have been loving our new place. My family has been asking me to put up pictures, so here you go…

I am all decorated for Christmas and I’m ready for some holiday entertaining (probably wont be saying that in a couple of weeks). I take after my mother who is a very serious holiday decorator/entertainer…Luckily, she has sent me a lot of fun decorating materials to play with. However, Christmas decor is really her thing. Ever since I was a little girl, I remember she would take me shopping on the day after Christmas and would buy GOBS of Christmas stuff ON SALE. *Had to be like 50-75% off or she wouldn’t give it a second look. Her entire attic is full of this stuff and when she goes to get it all out a year later, it’s like a holiday explosion (no joke).

Unfortunately, I have started to see the same trend in myself- eek. Yes, I am my mother’s daughter. Last year, on the day after Christmas, I went shopping and got all of my wrapping paper & ribbon for like ten bucks at the container store (they have beautiful holiday wrapping paper and ribbons FYI). All l I had to do this year was pull out the bin and there it all was, ready for me to use- ahhh. I was happy and so was Jeff because I didn’t have to go and spend any money! Call me crazy, But if you can convince yourself to wake up at the crack of dawn on 12-26, I promise that you’ll be happy you did…

This year, I’ll be at work on 12/26. It’s awful, but maybe I can stop into a Tar-jay before hand. I’ll let you know if that happens.

On a more serious note, Christmas decorations for me are really about a feeling. They are like a warm blanket and a feel-good movie on a cold winter night. They make you happy to be home and with the ones you love. That’s why we all go nuts waiting for the day after Thanksgiving when we can put away the pumpkins and get out the Santa’s! It’s all about a feeling, isn’t it? Enjoy your home this holiday…

OK- Here’s a few pic’s of our new place (mostly pics of our Christmas decorations though- sorry!). Hope you’ll visit sometime.

*Stay tuned for a post (sometime this week) about Christmas ornaments!

Our dog Ralph thinks he owns the place.


I found these cute little napkins that add a personal touch.

We now have an awesome wooden coffee table (not pictured here) courtesy of Jeff’s parents.


Red candles- you MUST have red candles somewhere in your home during the holidays. (just my opinion though)


 These are snowflake candle holders from my mom. How cute!


 Our tree. I think this one will probably die right before Christmas. We do not keep trees alive for long. Funny thing is, I never had a real tree growing up because my parents said they were too messy. That is true, but Jeff says we MUST have a real tree, so I guess I’ll give it to him.


Our Carolers. My mom sent these to me last year- a very special gift. Thanks mom, I love them. image (5)

Poinsettia’s are gorgeous this time of year.




image (4)

Oh, how I love natural pine cones. They remind me of the Rocky Mountains.

image (8)

Sleigh ride anyone?

image (7)

image (6)



2 Responses to “My Home at Christmas”

  1. Anonymous December 11, 2012 at 5:18 pm #

    Love all the decorations!!

  2. Anonymous December 11, 2012 at 11:09 pm #

    Yes you are your mother’s daughter. It is lovely and looks so warm and cozy. Only wish we were there or you were here for Christmas!

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